What are Growth Groups for?
In Growth Groups you will find other members of God’s family with whom you can grow in Christ. Growth Group meetings contain a Bible discovery component as one of the main aims of the group. By spending time praying in the friendly atmosphere of a Growth Group, we can both listen to the Lord and intercede on behalf of others. The Growth Groups provide a context in which our Christian care for one another can be expressed.

Are Growth Groups important?
Yes - they are an integral part of the ministry of Nailsea Baptist Church and, without them, we would not be able to enjoy our fellowship to the full. We believe that in a Growth Group we can grow spiritually in ways that are impossible by simply attending on a Sunday alone.

Each Growth Group is based around the following values

Jesus is at the centre of the gathered believers and the individual Christian’s life.
Christian community is fostered through open and authentic relationship.
Each member can grow in their Christian walk and knowledge of God
Every member can discover their gift and be released to minister to others in the Body of Christ.

Every Growth Group member can seek to bring others to Christ.

We currently have groups meeting during on

Monday afternoons as well as Tuesday and Thursday evenings.